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I bought this Runner for the 3.4 motor and now need it gone. Would be a great core for a project. Body is in EXCELLENT shape.

Frame is damaged in the front drivers side where the body mount is. Frame itself it not bent but it ripped the body mount off. Should be an easy fix for someone that is proficient with metal but for someone looking to build a buggy I would think that there would be no need to repair. Sunroof is all there. Radiator core is gone and so is the drivers inner fender.

I have sold the rear gate, mirrors, front fenders, front seats and the door handles. I am still attempting to sell various parts from it as well to continue to fund my current project.

One of my needs right now is a Marlin v6 transfer case adapter for a 150 to a gear driven case. I'd be willing to sell the whole thing, including the title, plates, for the cost of one which is $350. Or hell, if you have one I'll trade you.

Doors are all power and there. Glass is complete in doors and body except windshield was cracked in wreck and rear gate is gone

Located in Fresno/Clovis. Right now its a rolling chassis (minus the front two wheels) so it would be easy to load on a trailer but I am going to start trying to sell the front end parts.

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