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97 OffRoad Wheels

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Anyone know what gears were standard when you have a 97, newstyle F150 Extra Cab 4x4 4.6 and the 17wheel option. My dad wants to lower his truck with smaller wheels and tires. Any recomendations on size. It is an auto.
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Lower means easier for dear ole dad

Yep he is nearing 60, with a disability and in his younger years could jump over his 4x4 and kick all your butts. Now even with a step is starting to have a harder time. I think I could get an inch or so out of the wheels and tire to help him keep the fullsize.

So, seriously, and the wheel tire combination he has now could be for sale soon, he has the offroad package, with the largest size of 97. Was that the 17 or the 18 inch. Anyone know what gear was standard and the gear with that standard and then the tire size and gear for the big wheel offroad package. It is an auto and 4.6 new body. He lives in PA I am in CO and going home to help him out here so am looking for some knowledge.

By the way the Ford is all stock. I have the crawler you meat heads.

85 Runner, 84 to 1, 6"lift, and 35", locked and ready to run over any ford parts.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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