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97 OffRoad Wheels

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Anyone know what gears were standard when you have a 97, newstyle F150 Extra Cab 4x4 4.6 and the 17wheel option. My dad wants to lower his truck with smaller wheels and tires. Any recomendations on size. It is an auto.
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To start off, with IF you uncrank the Torsion bars it will be almost too lose, but it is possible. The fenders probably sit on the tires now, At most it will lower it around 1.5"- 2" So Find a tire thats about that much smaller if you want to go that much lower.
The smallest wheel you can put on there is a 16.5
Gearing in my 97 5.4L is 3.55. Thats the most common i have seen. I have heard of the 3.73's coming in a 4.6. Just read the tag on it and find out. most likely it will have the trac lock so the number will read 3L55 or 3L73 on the lower left side of the tag.

p.s.- The big wheels in 97 were 17"
4Ran said:
By the way the Ford is all stock. I have the crawler you meat heads.

85 Runner, 84 to 1, 6"lift, and 35", locked and ready to run over any ford parts.
Notice how he said Run over any Ford Parts. not Trucks but the parts. :flipoff2: I can run over a car so there. :p

-Adam :D
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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