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97 OffRoad Wheels

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Anyone know what gears were standard when you have a 97, newstyle F150 Extra Cab 4x4 4.6 and the 17wheel option. My dad wants to lower his truck with smaller wheels and tires. Any recomendations on size. It is an auto.
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did I read correctly..."lower his truck"? you are asking this on a 4x4 board. must be some good crack you be :smokin:
can the mods move this to gen 4x4 so we can get some good flamming? :D :flipoff2:
AZFord4x4 said:
Or maybe I'm just too soft & FearMe will wander in & rule some ass. :flipoff2:
you got the cahones to build a full-size for crawling but not to move an awesome post to gen4x4 :confused: :flipoff2:
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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