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I found a pretty good deal on a '98 3500 crew cab dually 4x4 with the 454 and an auto trans. My question is how reliable are the autos in this model. I dont know what year they started using allisons but i didnt think this was one of them. I have been looking for a 5spd because i have had trouble with auto in the past. I hope to be pulling a 2 car hauler with two rigs (toy mini-truck and fj40) so about 10,000-13,000 with trailer. With this do the job or am i going to be disappointed. I know mpg is going to suck but this wont be my DD so i would rather have the extra power when pulling. Tell me what you think.

(I dont have the money for a new truck so that isnt an option :( )

Thanks, Seth
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