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Well after doing a few upgrades to my XJ I decided I was going to update my post I started a long time ago and to my surprise it has been lost in last server update (per Lance)

So I am gonna post up a quick overview of what I did with a lot less pics but you will get the gist.

1998 Jeep Cherokee
chopped back half
with exo cage

• 4.0L, I-6 engine
• 4-speed automatic transmission
• NP231 t'case w/ 2 low kit
• Dana 44/Ford 9" axles (front/rear)
• 4.88 gears

• Rockkrawler 6" coils in front
• Tomken 2" blocks / Rusty's 4.5" Leafs in rear
• Custom made shackle mount in rear
• Ford custom Radius arms
• Rusty 6" Shocks
• 6" steel braided brake lines.
• Custom Belly up skid

Wheels & Tires:
• 38" TSL Swampers
• 15x10" Alum Rims's w/ welded rock guard
• Inner Air Lock Beadlocks

• Custom built Front High Clearance Winch Bumper
• Custom built Rock Guards
• Rusty's OffRoad steering box brace
• Skid Plates (front, transfer case, and rear gas tank)
• Exo Cage

• Suspension seats
• 5 point harness
• ******* Ram Hydro assist steering
• custom made driveshafts
• Warm 9000i Winch
• Radio Shack CB
• 2 fire extinguisher
• 48" Hi-Lift jack
• Full set of spare shafts fro front and rear
• 10LB CO2 tank in back

Well when I decided to do this fullwidth build up I was running 35's on stock axles and I wanted to go bigger So I sold my axles and got under way.

1st pic is most current pic after last project update

2nd pic is how it sat before I started the Full Width build up


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then it was onto the steering.

decided I wanted Hydro assist... so I enter the Rednceck x-mas drawing and son of a b*itch I WON

Yes I won a full asssit set up

So I got a J-20 steering box had it tapped and set up ******* RAM steering
using Posion Spyder inserts to make all my own steering


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After wheeling it a few times I decided 36's were not big enough so I found a guy on drugs and bought his 38 TSL on rims for $400 :) ( always looking for a deal ).

but then I needed beadlocks

So I made my own.. here is first attempt


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looks god ken!! its come a long way...
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