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Its got a cage, some seats, some brand new 39.5" IROKS on H2 wheels, 14 bolt detroit with 4.56s, 8-lug HP44 spooled, full hydro, autometer gauges, no windows, no hatch, pretty much no interior, radiators in the back.

4.0L, automatic, 242 w/ SYE, 110Kish miles

Not even close to a DD.
$5500 w/ trailer (new rear axle on trailer)

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Better specs:
Cage is 1 5/8 .120 DOM
Lower links are 1 3/4 .250 DOM, upper and steering is 1 1/2 .250 DOM. Links use 5/8x3/4 FK heims

39.5x13.50-17 IROKs with stickers still on tires
H2 17x9s
Milemarker hubs

14 bolt rear with Detroit and 4.56s
HP44 front w/ Yukon ful spool and 4.56s
High steer arms on both knuckles if you want to run high steer
2" x 8" Ram
Char-lynn Orbital
Power steering cooler

6" RR coils that have sagged down and ride good
SKyjacker shocks
RE1462 4.5" leafs
RE shackle

FSJ Radiator
16" Electric fan
Optima Battery
Autometer Tach, water, volts, oil, trans <-- al mechanical gauges

Heres a page with pics:

And heres a teaser pic..

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