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i just got what i believe to be a great deal on a 99 Grand Cherokee 4WD 4.0L fully loaded with leather interior in excellent shape for $500 bucks. The problem is in the engine, it runs fine but has a loud knock and bluish white smoke and you can smell the burned oil. (i knew this when i bought it)

I have not had a chance to get into the motor yet, but to me it sounds like the knock is in the head, but not sure yet. Mainly im just wondering what kinds of problems these engines have and who has good quality reman. engines or rebuild kits. Thanks for your suggestions.
this motor is fine, they all do that from time to time.... just keep running it it should be a fine daily driver, especially if you have a long commute over 50 miles a day. i wouldnt even bother bringing a cell phone its so reliable, dont worry you got a great deal

now fuck off :flipoff2:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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