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AAM 9.25 front / 05 dodge cummins, complete with steering components. $800 or trade for pass drop 60.

9 in. ford rear/ wms 65in. missing brake drums. 3.73's $150

85 toy front housing and third. 4.10's $100

9.5 in. front / 86 fj 60, TG hy steer fj 80 tie rod ends, yukon gear 5.29's, welded carrier, tripple drilled flange, knuckles rebuilt 0 miles.1/2 in. wider wms than ifs rears. housing has been shaved of all brackets. i have new spring perches and knuckle ball gusset kit for it not welded on yet. can put on for you if wanted. $800 Picture is before all work has been done.

8 in. rear / 93 runner, yukon 5.29's, welded, tripple drilled flange, stock brackets still on it. 4 link with pan hard bar. $400

located in Mapleton UT 84664


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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