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it was taken atleast 14 years ago or so... so the quality/resolution is lame by todays standards..

I can't find my last edition of Ford Truck World Magazine.. but I was featured in that mag, and there is a great photo taken when I was going back and forth (as seen in this video).. the pic spread covers half a page..

the 997 acres we have was divided between a bunch of different cousins about 2 years ago or so.. and 1 of my dad's cousins has bought a lot of other people' shares, for his cattle.. but my Dad and his two brothers have a nice size chunk together, and this Creek Bed is on their area..

there is a great chance that I'm gonna move to this ranch this winter...

My Idea which will certainly come up again.. so slowly I want to build obstacles in a huge oval pattern.. I'm thinking of just sorta clearing some areas, leaving chopped up cacti here and there, and literally pouring concrete to cover the thorns etc.. and I would end up with some interesting obstacles? I've actually put a good deal of thought in to this.. I think in the beginning, I'd try and get some clubs to help out.. and also asking people to bring bags of cement with them..

I could write a few pages of thoughts.. like how we have a large bunkhouse, people could stay in.. and how I used to go play in the mud there, with up to a dozen other people.. lots of great photos, very little video..
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