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I should read this board more often.

I just eliminated the LCV from my CJ-7, cause I forgot to remove it from the tub when I swapped in a YJ tub. So, I've just capped the tank vents with rubber hoses, and bolts plugging the hoses. Viola, no more plumbing problems.

Now, I've run into a number of other problems, like going through fuel pumps and starving my engine for fuel, do to the lack of venting, and the negative pressure which builds up in the tank.

So, conviently enough, the YJ tub has an axle vent located in the same corner of the tub as the old CJ LCV (left rear). So, this is now my temporary tank vent, to keep me from eating fuel pumps.

The local recker has JACKED up Jeep parts, so a jeep LCV is outragious.

I plan on re-installing one, i'm just going to have to wait a bit. It's turning fall/winter now, so the evaporation and fumes aren't nearly as bad as when I first vented the tank, but I do plan on fixing this problem by spring.

And thanks to you, I now have an Idea :idea: how to.


just one question, did you hook the vapor line back-up to the charchol canister? or just directly back into the air cleaner housing. (where I'm thinking of plumbing it)
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