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I needed a Timken bearing catalogue to do some bearing research (Catalogue #699 from Timken) on dimensions for a project.

As I'm thumbing through it, I happen across page 280 listing auxiliary parts called cup shims for what's known as cup adjusted bearings.

Basically the picture looks like the snout on the Strange 9" third members with the 6 bolt circle that holds a bearing cup for the pinion. The cross section drawing shows a tapered roller bearing with inner race and outer cone (race).

It has a footnote for Suggested shim sets consisting of .005, .007, and .020 to adjust the preload on the cup mounted bearings.

Last line states that these shims are made of aluminum with no option for steel and the bearings range in bore diameter from 1.41" up to 9.03"

If you turn the page, there are cone adjusted tapered roller bearing shims that are called "Standard Metal Shims for Cone Adjusted Bearings" and they too are constructed from aluminum.

Finding this info was pure happenstance, but I did find it fairly interesting.
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