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A special thanks to sponsors !

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With only a week to go before race day , I want to make sure that all our sponsors know how much we appreciate their support for our race. We have a ton to do , and I don't want to forget to let you all know that without great companies and supporters like you , none of us would be able to enjoy the sport and events on the level that we currently do!
We would really like to thank...
Solid Axle...600.00 in gift certificates
PSC... 2500.00 in gift certificates
PRP Seats... 3-sets of full suspension seats
PowerTanks... 1 full set up new for 08
Interco Tires... one full set of tires , any size up to 37"
Trailready... 1000.00 cash and 1000.00 gift certificate for anything they build
Winchline... Spotter strap
Advance Auto Parts... 1000.00 cash
4-Wheel Parts... Misc merchandise and certificates , and course support
Tanner 4x4... 9500lb winch , misc merchadise
Combined together with adding all the product and cash we should be able to offer our racers almost 12,500.00 in purse money and product !!!:smokin:
Again a huge thanks to these companies , and please support the business' that support our sport , and share in our love of off roading !
We would also like to thank the media outlets that help spread the word about these events and these great companies. With out Pirate 4x4 we would never have been able to reach the racers that we have lined up , and several of the vendors and sponsor came directly from this sight !!
We would also like to give a huge shout out to Crawl Magazine. From day one Crawl has gone full throttle in covering these types of events , and helping racers reach sponsors , and sponsor reach customers. They truely understand what makes offroad/rock sports happen !!
Muchado Video... what can I say !! You guys rock. Simply the best rock crawling/racing videos available. Hope we can help you win another Xtremey !!
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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