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Heres the deal, its a 77 3/4 ton chevy with a 1937 chevy cab.
1. I'm going to be shortining the whell base and running dual shackles, but on that frame the spring mounts are outside the frame rails by a couple inches. Would it be eaiser to just relocate the perch on the axle so that they are directly under the frame, so I don't have to get tricky with the new mounts?

2. It's got an eight lug does that automatically equal Dana 60's? (they're huge)

3. Also I'm thinking about running a shackle reversal with dual shackle in the front aswell. Assuming it probably wont be on the street it should work good and technically correct pinion angle under droop, correct? (Also other than the 63" cause they're so long, is there a good junkyard remedy to use for the front springs, I'm on a tight budget)

4. Finally for the 63" Chevy's It has to be 89-98 half ton 2 wheel drive correct?

Thank you very much, any tips, or especially pics would be appreciated, wooping out the torch tommorow so i need to figure out how I am going to put it back together.

Thanks alot.
Robert <><
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