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yep in a JEEP:flipoff2:

my 94DD has AC. it blows real cold air most of the time but today while driving for 4 hours, it quit on me twice. compressor stopped working (clutch wouldn't spin) hence hot air.

i would then turn it off, then back on several times with no luck. then leave it off for maybe one-two minutes max...........then it would be back to working perfect.

it did it yesterday also and i switched out the relay with the horn relay but that didn't change anything.

i checked the level/pressure with my guage and it registered in the "don't add any freon" colorcode area. and it blows real cold air so i really don't think this is the prob.

the compressor is not making any noise/squeeling (ie bad bearing).

i kep thinking electrical not mechanical so that's why i swapped the relay.

i'm stumped so far.

any thoughts?

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