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ok, monday we were cruzing on the freeway to cabellas in the tracker, we stop to get gas then all of a sudden it starts acting real weird and wouldnt hold idle. so we cleared it out a couple times;) but it kept up, almost like it had jumped a tooth on the timing belt like last time, so we head back twards home, get about 10 miles then the fucker died, it made that " freewheeling" sound when you tried to start it,sounded just like the other snapped timing belt. but the belt is fine... it seams like it os only getting compression on 1 cylinder... what should I try next??


BTW it is a 96 tracker 1.6 ltr 16 valve, auto trans, fawking thing is pissing me off:mad: :mad: give me a ford any day:flipoff2:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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