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<FONT COLOR="yellow">Below is a sample letter from Pete Conaty (CLORV). Please modify it to suit your tastes and get EVERYONE YOU KNOW TO SIGN IT AND GET IT MAILED IN. I will be attaching a seperate page to have everyone in my club sign, kind of in a petition like form. If you not from Cali, you can still send it, just modify it to tell Davis what kind of impact this will have one you not visiting the state if you can't recreate...

Here's the press release in case you haven't read it yet </FONT c>

April 16, 2001

The Honorable Gray Davis
Office of the Governor
State Capitol Building
Sacramento, CA 95814

Dear Governor Davis:

We are writing you about a matter of serious concern to us, Californians who enjoy motorized recreation in the beautiful California outdoors from the mountains to the desert.

Recently, more and more California lands that were once available for off road recreation have been closed down due to a variety of reasons. Mostly by the filing of lawsuits against federal agencies by unbalanced environmental groups who are determined to shut down the $5 billion dollar off road industry in California.

We realize you are busy with the energy crisis currently facing California and wish to thank you for your continued leadership on this difficult issue. It is because of the recently announced agreement with Southern California Edison that we are concerned. We are concerned that this agreement and possible other agreements with other investor owned utilities will cause further California lands to be placed off limits to motorized recreation as has already been requested of you by a variety of special interest environmental groups.

What the environmental groups do not understand is that their so-called solution to problems in the off road programs is really a recipe for disaster. Statistics from your own Department of Parks and Recreation show that the actual acreage available for off road use in California has declined by 47% in recent years while registration of off road vehicles has practically doubled. Squeezing more off roaders onto less land is a recipe for disaster, which can only result in increase in illegal off road activities in areas, not designated for motorized recreational use.

We are simply asking that any agreements made with the investor owned utilities insure that no lands acquired by the state will limit currently existing off road uses a will as any other multi use recreation.

Thank you for consideration of our request. If you have any questions, please contact Pete Conaty at 916-492-0550.

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<FONT COLOR="yellow">"Its a Wheelbase Thing, Your Jeep Wouldn't Understand"</FONT c>

Peter S. Di Primo
V.P. - Ventura County Axle Snappers 4WDC
[email protected]
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