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Precision Plasma LLC works continuously to reduce the cost of CNC to make it affordable for more customers. We do things differently than other companies in order to give the customer the most for their money. Our latest air scribe design is based on a 100mm stroke linear thruster with a custom machined aluminum clamp to hold a pen style air scribe. Rather than purchasing the thruster and pneumatics from our supplier, adding the custom bracket, and marking up the entire assembly, we have made arrangements to supply our supplier with the custom scribe mount and allow customers to purchase direct. The result is that the total cost of the air scribe is reduced from about $1500 to under $1000. Precision Plasma LLC used to sell the same slide assembly with all required pneumatics for $1250 (not including the scribe) The Chicago Pneumatic 9361 air scribe can be purchased for $240.99 on Ebay.

What is included:
Slide Assembly

100mm stroke linear thruster with a machine aluminum scribe mount. It can hold multiple size pen style air scribes. The most popular is the Chicago Pneumatic 9361 model.

A preassembled filter/regulator/solenoid 4 way valve assembly (110VAC)

A secondary low pressure regulator to regulate the downward force of the slide

Scribe Assembly

A preassembled filter/regulator/lubricator/solenoid 3 way valve assembly (110VAC)

All fittings and air line tubing

A conversion kit to allow you to tie the incoming air together so that you need only one air drop.

Note: See the pneumatic schematic for more information


COST: $749.95 for the slide assembly and all required pneumatics. The scribe is not included and you can choose which model you wish to run. The most popular is the CP 9361. Shipping not included.

How to order:
Credit card orders only at 952-736-1544

If any OEM customers are interested, there is a significant OEM discount when purchasing 10 units at a time.
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