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I am currently running the Mazda spring setup in my 85 runner and i was thinking about getting some 4 or 5 inch lift springs for the front. Question is, what can i add the rear (and still make it flexy) to make up for the 4 or 5 inches to the front. I still have all the left over springs from the swap including front and rear toys and excess Mazda's. <IMG SRC="smilies/usa.gif" border="0">

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That's the main problem with the mazda springs. I have a four leaf pack from a 2WD B2000 and they are very flexy but don't match the lift of my 4" wrangler springs up front. I ended up adding two chevy springs to the bottom of the pack and welding a 2" block/perch that I made to the axel housing to compensate for the difference in lift. You could also try lowering the mounting position of the spring hanger and shackle but will increase the probability of catching both of those on rocks. <IMG SRC="smilies/smokin.gif" border="0">

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It can be done. I'm running 44044 up front with a 2 longer shackle and the bottom leaf removed and in the rear I'm running 3/4 mazda hybrid setup.

I will name the leaf pack so I don't have to keep typing the full names. M=Mazda, T=Toyota, H=Hybrid, 1= main leaf, other numbers represent other leaves like the large the number the far down (smaller) the leaf.

Stock Mazda
M1 = 52"
M2 = 46"
M3 = 39"
M4 = Overload

Stock Toyota 4Runner
T1 = 46
T2 = ?? (I forget)
T3 = ?? (I forget)
T4 = 4Runner has factory add-a-leaf
T5 = 27" Overload 11 1/2" & 15 1/2"

H1 = M1 = 52"
H2 = M1 = 51" Eyelets cut off
H3 = M2 = 46"
H4 = M2 = 43" Cut down
H5 = M3 = 39"
H6 = M3 = 36" Cut Down
H7 = T5 = 27" Overload 15 1/2" side facing rearward

Total pack thickness of about 2" with all leaves equal length from the center pin with the exception of the main which is about 1/2" off center and the Overload.

As for the 3/4 elliptical leaf, I'm using the Mazda main cut to a length of 28" which is about 3" past the center pin hole. The total arch of this, once mounted to the frame, will be an addition 6" of droop measured from the unloaded leaf to the OEM shackle mount center.

My rear shackle is made from 3/8 X 1 1/2 HRS A-36 Flat bar witha center to center distance of 6".

I get real good flex expecially since its 3/4 eliptical. I think my total lift is about 5" over stock in the rear and I have about 5 1/2" up front. Also as a side note I do have a centerally located Traction bar to stop axle wrap.
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