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adult off road mini monster truck - MT2

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New concept in mini monster trucks. You have probably heard of the Patriot and the new X- Truck off road mini monster trucks, they are nice looking but they are very expensive coming in around 20 grand. Well the MT2 Racing Association is about to change the off road 4x4 mini monster truck world. We will be introducing a mini monster that will be known as the MT2. This little pocket rocket will fit in the back of a standard sized pickup bed and will haul a??. The MT2 will have all of the good stuff - tubular chassis, full floating 4 link suspension, 4 w/d limited slip differentals (front and rear), adjustable shocks, well you get the picture. The MT2 will be powered by a HONDA 18 hp V Twin engine running thru a torque-a-verter clutch. this little bad boy will honk. It will set on massive 26x12x12 Terra Lug Tires. Body styles will available in Ford, Chevy, or Dodge. We will even offer the popular 3D bodies as well. The MT2 will come in at around $5,500.00 Production of the MT2 will start up Spring 2003.
This is an adult mini monster racing truck.
The MT2 Racing Association will be a professional MT2 racing circuit that will launch later this year. If you ever wanted to get involved in monster truck racing this is for you. The MT2's are very affordable and the circuit will be very competitive. We will be staging races all over the country.
Financing will also be available for the MT2 through the MT2 Racing Association. A website for the MT2 is in the works and will be up and running soon. For more info on the MT2 or the MT2RA, please contact us at [email protected]
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what axles?

also, i dont htink you are allowed to blatanlty advertise out here :eek:
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