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So as the title says, I need help choosing a pair of FOA coilovers. I cut the back off my jeep and comp cut the rear to extend the wheelbase. I will be building a double triangulated rear 4 or 3 link. I decided I want to go coilovers and I chose the FOA coilovers. The only problem I'm having is choosing which ones to get ( as I have no experience with coilovers).

I wheel washington so pretty much all trail riding. No racing or much rock crawling at all.

I think I want the 2" body shocks but not sure on length or coils. I'm thinking 12 or 14" travel.

Any input?
We cant tell you what you want.
You need to decide how you will mount them first, then determine how tall you want your rig. This will determine the 12 or 14in shock and how much up travel.

Next you will need to know your rear weight.

This might get you close to a usable spring setup on a 14in shock.
12in 150lb
14in 200lb
6in 90lb tender

I would do a tender coil no matter what.

search for spring rate calculator, you can put in different sprung weight and determine ride height for different coil spring combo's
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