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The helper coil is a short spring which is very easy to compress. It mounts between the the top spring seat and the tender coil (top coil), it will stay compressed until the suspension gets close to full droop. Then it will expand and give just enough force to keep the tender coil and main coil from rattling around. It also gives you a 3rd coil rate making your coilover a triple rate coilover.

PS..im in the same boat you are in and am also working on a rear 4 link and FOAs. Im planning on the 14 inch travel with the coil rates ashman gave you
14 in 200lb main coil with a 12 inch 150 lb tender coil. go to the tech section on pirate and look for the coilover bible part 1 and 2, read everything thats there. It helped me out alot, hope this helps you.
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