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What was that sound? Yeah, did you hear that? That bang... And that repeating clunk. You didn't hear it?

Well, I heard it - As I was leaving for a 9 hr trip to Winter Romp in Maine. It was the sound of all the gears in my T case going FUBAR at the same time. All the high range gears went BOOM. It was loud enough to set off a car alarm, and scare some schoolchildren.

The tranny output shaft gear has about 5 teeth missing, the cluster gear has about three and the output gear is just a mess. I'm not quite sure what happened or why, these gears were mint the last time I was in there, a month ago.

Sure, I've got a line on a spare T case I can beg/borrow. But it's like 0F out there. And the truck's not moving. So, guess who's going to have a fun weekend changing a T case in their driveway, in the snow?


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