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just wated some input on what you guys thought, Im changing my rear suspension, for now I have a 4 link with TJ 3.5" RE coils on sliders,

IF I stick with TJ or similar coils I am going to mount them so they dont slide, makes a lot of noise, and not sure if I NEED THAT MUCH ARTICULATION?

I have been thinking about air shocks, fairly short ones, ~12". seems like it would be a lot more quite, and tunable,

FYI I have 14" SAW coil overs on the front, but cant afford to do that again..

seems like the TJ coil would pull my axel up while in full droop, where as the air shocks would always be pushing down, what is the advantage/disadvantage of this setup,
my vehicle is a tube Bronco II with, SAW coil overs in the front, TJ coils in the rear, 4-link front/rear, hydraulic steering assist, 4.0v6, C4, atlas, HP44, 9", with 37" TSLs, 100" WB, fairly light rig
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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