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I made a hole locater.

2 very thin strips of sheet metal.
They are maybe 3" long and about 3/8" wide.
I clamped them together, one atop the other and drilled two holes in one end. Then bolted them together through the holes with a couple #8nuts and bolts.
At the other end I drilled a 1/8" hole.
Unbolted the two pieces and in one of them I enlarged the 1/8 hole to the same diameter as an AK rivit. Cut the head off a rivit, stuck it in this hole and then with very low heat welded it. Ground the weld smooth.
Bolt the two halfs back together again.
The 1/8" hole is now over the center of the rivit stub.
You stick the stub into the trunnion hole. Slide the trunnion into the receiver. The lower pice of sheet metal with the stub is between receiver and stub, the other one is on the reciever. When the trunnion is where you want it, mark the receiver, throught the 1/8" hole with a center punch.

You could also get a pair of long nose needle nose pliers and make these

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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