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All Classes: Seat Cutting and Notching

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5.16: Seating
W.E.ROCK’s Goal for the Seating rule is to ensure safety while still incorporating W.E.ROCK’s central goal of vehicle recognition. Suspension Seats are considered seats that absorb impact through springs, a Sling Design, or Foam that helps inhibit spinal compression.
The following are seating guidelines for competition:
5.16.1: All seats must have padded rib protectors and lower torso containment on the left and the right side.
5.16.2: Adequately padded headrests or neck supports acceptable to W.E.Rock official inspectors are required.
5.16.3: Seats must be mounted to the roll cage. Mounting to the body is not permitted.
5.16.4: An approved Five-point harness is mandatory and must be worn at all times while on an obstacle.

In our rules, we have no rule bases on cutting into the seat to clearance for drivetrain or anything for that matter. There are several teams that have cut into the very seat they sit in to lower their seat often times putting the transfer case into their sitting area

What are your thoughts on this?
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Here is what was posted in the early nomination process.

The job of the Advisory Panel is to discuss topics among W.E.ROCK, the teams, and themselves. Once it becomes clear that there is a majority opinion or an idea worth pursuing, the panel will delegate one or more of it's members to put together a simple recommendation of how the rule or specification should be. That is then submitted to W.E.ROCK and if there are no unexpected or not-considered issues and the suggestion works within the event structure for fairness, safety, and logistics, then W.E.ROCK will integrate it immediatly. If there are issues that W.E.ROCK finds, the subject will be thrown back to the panel with the reasons for non-acceptance, and the panel can re-visit it themselves to find a solution, or take it back to the teams to find a solution.

In all cases, W.E.ROCK has the final say and has the right to deny suggestions if they choose. However, in the super high majority of cases, the advice of the panel will be taken and integrated.

Jason, most of these rules just need a visit and some understanding of why W.E.ROCK has proceeded as it has, and seperately, why the teams would like it to be a certain way. Somewhere in there, we'll find a solution that makes sense. There are some things, liabilitywise, that we'd LOVE to mandate, but cannot. in those cases, we just need to find a way to cover the safety the best we can, without putting the santioning at too high of a risk law-suit-wise. This seating topic is one of those situations where we know what we would like to mandate, but cannot...our hands are tied, so let's look for another solution. If we do not find one, then at least we tried and gathered info for possible use in the future.
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Since this seems to be quite a dead topic, I have come to the conclusion that we will likely not make a rules change or clarification based on this topic.

Is that a safe analysis?
Ok, since no posts or arguments have been made on this subject for quite some time I will consider this a non-issue for the 2008 rulebook and look for review for the 2009 rules.
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