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All-Pro Off-Road To Distribute the "Wedgie Lift" For Use With Lifted Toyota Vehicles
Posted on 01.12.10 by Lance

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JANUARY 12, 2010, HEMET, CA - All-Pro Off-Road, the nation's premier supplier of aftermarket performance upgrades for Toyota 4x4 vehicles, has become the exclusive distributor for the "Wedgie Lift". The Wedgie solves a problem that has become all to familiar to owners of suspension-lifted Toyota 4x4 vehicles with Independent Front Suspension. When using a conventional bottle, scissors or floor jack to lift the vehicle for tire changes or other maintenance, the jack is typically placed under the suspension's lower A-arm. On stock vehicles this works well, as the lower A-arm sits level, parallel to the floor. But on suspension-lifted vehicles, the A-arm may sit at up to a 20° angle, resulting in an unsafe surface to place the jack to lift the vehicle.

The Wedgie solves this problem with a machined aluminum, wedge-shaped block that compensates for the difference in angle between the horizontal lifting pad of the jack and the tilted lower A-arm of the vehicle. The Wedgie can be fine-tuned by easily replacing a pair of specially-molded urethane T-bars. The T-bars act as non-slip pads and come in a variety of thicknesses to fine-tune the angle of the Wedgie from 12° to 20° in 2° increments. The Wedgie also features a machined steel, vertical pin which inserts into a hole in the underside of the A-arm as an added safety measure.The complete Wedgie Lift kit comes with a pair of Wedgies which neatly nest for storage. Also included are an assortment of urethane T-bars for fine-tuning the Wedgies. For more information about The Wedgie, please contact All-Pro Off-Road at (951) 658-7077.


All-Pro Off-Road, based in Hemet, California, specializes in designing, manufacturing and marketing off-road performance upgrades for Toyota and other four wheel drive vehicles. All-Pro innovations have been at the forefront of Toyota rock crawling technology, and have been a major reason for the phenomenal popularity of Toyota vehicles among off-roading and rock crawling enthusiasts. To learn more about All-Pro Off-Road visit www.allprooffroad.com.

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