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My rig is no longer cutting it. Time to build something tough.
The running rig is a 95 taco with a 02 front clip.
fr. rc 44 w/arb 5:13 and black max cromo's
r 60 welded 5:13 and disc brakes.
one ton chevy master cyl.
ex radius arms in fr w/6" tj coils
63" rear
this truck was my dd for about 2 years and served me very well, but now that i dont have to drive it to work I seem to be too hard on it. For some reason I cant seem to keep shafts in the fr. In the last 2 mounths I have had the fr rebuilt twice and gone through multiple shafts. Looks like it is time for mogs. I really love this truck and it has served me well but it is just not tough enough for me any more.
$10,000 for starters.

Project #1
69 chevy longbed
350hp 350,350,203.
fr 44 w/5:13 cromo's ctm, high steer, hydro ass. mini spool
rear 14bolt w 5:13 welded w/no brakes.
6" ranco's fr and 63"s rear
44" Tsl's
To make the truck drive you need a trany cooler, drive lines, brake line's, hydro line's, fule line's. and fule tank.
$5000 obo

project #2
46ish cj2a NO TITLE
it sits on a 56 cj5 frame with 8 lug 44 and 60. 2 1/2" wrangler springs. body is fairly ruff but a good rock toy.

Random parts.
tbi 350 .comes w/90 chevy.
I bought the truck as a project with a blown head gasket. I fixed that and never worked on it any more. I belive the only thing still wrong with the truck is a cracked radiator, but it is a very rough truck. I am into it about $1000 but I am at the point where i just want it gone. Make me an offer.

running 350 out of the 69


twin sticked 205

40" 16.5 boggers

35" 16.5 bfg
and i am sure i'm forgeting plenty of stuff. Make me offers.
I am never on the computer so please feel to give the thread a bump and if you are interested in any of this give me a call.
[email protected] 530-570-2846
leave a message, I rarely answer.
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