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I will be announcing in Houston and want to make sure I have the basic info I need to do things right. Please, respond with the following info, in this order:

Team # and class: example - Pro Mod #88

Team name - if you have one...ie Team Crush!

Buggy Name - if you have a name for your crawler

Driver's name - if it's a tough one to pronounce, spell it phonetically...Joachim Schweisow is impossible to read properly, so instead, write it out as joe-shum shwee-zo And No, I'm not sure if that's the way it was supposed to be, it's just an example.

Spotter's name - same as drivers, spell it phonetically if it's a tough one.

Title sponsor

Don't put associate sponsors on here...I'll nail those off the decals on your rig. I can't have too much info, I only need the story-builder info, ie team name, buggy name, etc...the kids and fans get into that stuff.

Team Homebase:

With this info, I can create a simple "cheat sheet" so I don't screw things up too badly. I don't want to chase you down at the event to get this part done...it creates a huge hassle for everyone especially me. Please fill this out now. Thanks!

Again, follow this format and order...it'll help me promote you:

Class and Team #:

Team Name:

Crawler name:



Title Sponsor:

Team homebase:


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Class and Team #: Pro-Modified team #94

Team Name: Cole Motorsports

Crawler name: David

Driver: Mike Cole

Spotter: Justin Blair

Title Sponsor: Foothills 4x4 and Performance

Additional Sponsors: Carolina Driveline, BFG, Solid Axle industries, East Coast Diffs, Dare Devil Energy Drink, Slickrock Off-Road

Team Homebase: Greenville SC

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Team Waggoner Racing

Class and Team #: Unlimited #117

Team Name: Team Waggoner Racing

Crawler name: Roxanne

Driver: Cody Waggoner

Spotter: Jim Waggoner

Title Sponsor: Detroit Locker

Other Sponsors: Torco Motor Oils, BFG Tires, K&N Filters, Fan Equipment, Howe Steering, Staun Products Internal Beadlocks, PRP Seats, CTM, Warn

Team Homebase: Capistrano Beach, CA

Team Members: Lindsay Waggoner "wife" and Charley Waggoner "daughter"

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Looks like Dave Schneider and I are in under his qualification!

Class and Team #: ProMod 33

Team: BlackStar Motorsports

Crawler Name: Murphy (For Murphy's Law)

Driver: Weston Blackie

Spotter: Dave Schneider

Title Sponsor: Maxxis Tires

Other Sponsors: House of Kolor, Phat Jeeps Off Road, Flatiron Fab, 4x4oil.com, Rock and Roll Off Road, Spidertrax, Jimmy's 4x4

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Well since they are never online, I guess I'll post for them.

Class and Team #: Supermod #35

Team Name: Campbell Enterprises

edit - Hometown: Gilbert, AZ

Crawler name: Campbell Ent VW Moonbuggy (don't think this one has a name?)

Driver: Shannon Campbell

Spotter: Lance Clifford

Title Sponsor: Monster

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Class and Team #: Pro-Mod 777

Team Name: Skinny Pedal Motorsports

Crawler name: None

Driver:Tim Florian

Spotter:Jon Moulden

Title Sponsor: Trail Gear

Homebase is Castaic Ca or So-Cal will work

Thanks for all your hard work Dustin :smokin:

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always the drivers, spotters, and rigs in the spotlight. never any love for the judges/marshalls. I see how it is... :crybaby2:


it'll be good to have ya out there on the mic dustin.

I brought the beer
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Pro Modified #54

Team SlowSpeed


Dave Cole - Driver
Rob 'Bender' Park - Spotter
Brandon Naves - Crew Chief
Nick Socha - Technical Advisor :flipoff2:

Diamond Axle

Longfield Super Axles, Inchworm Gear, Interco Tire, California Mini Truck, Heavy Metal Fabrication

Lake Arrowhead, Ca

x eleventy billion on the thanks Dustin. I am really looking forward to this event.


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Stock Modified #200

Team Crush

Driver: Derek West

Spotter: Ritchie Keller

Title Sponsors: Johns 4x4, BFG, Dutchman Axle, Ramsey Winch

Homebase: Springfield, MO

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Class and team#- Unlimited 315e
Team name- Team ORC
Car name- Red
Driver- Adam Carter
Spotter- Adam Adair
Title sponsor- The Offroad Connection
Maxxis Tires
Additional Sponsors-
Rustys Offroad
North Birmingham Truck and Auto Dismantlers
Team homebase- Springville,Alabama

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Class and Team #: unlimited #15

Team Name: Rock Runner Racing Team (Mexico)

Crawler name: Pig Eater

Driver: Sergio Pereda

Spotter: Jorge Chavez

Title Sponsor: Rock Runner Racing Team

Team homebase: Piedras Negras Mexico

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Class and Team #: Pro Mod #35M

Team Name: Campbell Ent. Racing

Crawler Name: ZooomBuggy

Driver: Terry Dagen

Spotter: Troy Dagen

Title Sponsor: Currie Axles/Monster Energy

Homebase: Gilbert, AZ

Also: BFGoodrich, Turn Key Engine Supply, Hughs, Advance Adapters, Walker Evans Racing, Fox Shocks, Warn, ARB, Howe, Mastercraft, Wilwood, Powertank, Ron Davis, Crown Performance, and Powder Tech.
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