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Flatfenderman said:
Justin if your stock u-joints arnt dry or otherwise screwed up leave them in. Around here it's the popular opinion (for what that is worth) that the OE stuff will last better than the replacement in the same shaft. I dont have any hard facts, but the OE spicer joints dont seem to spit out caps nearly as easy as a fresh joint. I assume they are a pretty tight fit when new that you cant duplicate when you swap'em. Just keep an eye on them, like everytime you finish a trail or stress them on a tuff spot. If your not hammering the throttle you'll be fine. Just my$.02 worth.

I agree with this theory, but I think it's because the stock caps rust in with the shafts and create a tack welded affect.

Another problem with the a joint failing is the ears widening and hooking a balljoint. It will either break off the balljoint, load up the shaft so bad it breaks again or breaks something else...or all of the above. :rolleyes:
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