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I got a 77 F-150 housing.

Comes with:
78 F-250 outers (virgin flat tops!!)
All NIB Timken bearings and seals
Shim kit for setting up gears
NIB Warn Premium hubs

I still have the gears and carrier (3.55 gears) for the F-150 if you want them.

All you need is the gears, and locker of your choice.

No raduis arms or "C" wedges....keeping those for my D60 :flipoff2: . But I do have the steering and track bar.

$750 You pick up, or $800 and the ride.

I'm in Alabama

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New price.

$500 pick up only.

Forgot to mention.....

-New ball joints
-Been sandblasted and painted (Flat black)
-I even have a Diff gasket to go on it!

Serious, if it can be replaced, it is new. Needs JUST (and ONLY) the gears and carrier of your choice.

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It's funny. I have this to sell, and a lower price than what I have in it, and I can't even get a sniff.

So let me break this down.

Warn hubs.....$100
New balljoints (all 4).....$100
The axle.....$150 (generously low....someplaces it's higher)
Every single needed seal and bearing...All Timkin....NIB......$150
Shim kit.....$30
8 lug outers......complete set.....$150
Brake shoes.......$35
Diff gasket.......$5
Spicer axle joints......NIB......$20 each (x2...$40)

That's $755 already, and I am sure I forgot something somewhere. These may not be the prices where you live, and some are rounded to the nearest $, but I have all recipts to back up my prices.
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