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Well i need to sell my truck that only need's a 2wd th400 core (and a rebuild kit) tires and rims.

4.56 D60 with a yukon zip locker, chromoly 35 spline shafts, drive flanges, longfield bushings, full circle snap rings, high steer arms, 3/8" tierod with EMF ends and a un-used PSC ram that can be welded to the ruffstuff diff cover.

NWF doubler with rebuilt np203 and 205

Everything for a new single cardan 1410 front shaft (includes yokes for the 60 and the t-case)

Attached to a 77' K25 frame with a serpentine swap 350/th350/np203 a 14 bolt, ORD shackle flip and disc brakes.

I have new stainless lines for the front, new t-case mounts, steel for the drag-link.

I have a cab and box that are from a 2wd truck that have little rust and no scratches or dent's.

Steel for crossmembers

I want to sell the whole fucking thing (i could even finish building it for you)

5500$ and it needs to towed...
all parts are new

will trade for truck,car or sportbike.

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Sell just the doubler an rams set up? Title 8125990368
Not only is the add more than a year old but flat out says "I want to sell the whole fucking truck" not part it out. :shaking:
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