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I got a.... umm... buck two ninty eight! That's $1.298! :flipoff2: You can run my Zombie Sticker!! :grinpimp: Buggy looks good Glen!

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The response was great!

Superior Axle
Trail Tuff
CTM Jack
Rubicon Express
Highangle Driveline
Sierra Gear
Mad 4x4
Rancho Suzuki
Marco Muffler
C&R Motorsports
RiverCity Differential

Now that our Beer is covered, we just need money for fuel, lodging and entry fee. We still have plenty of room.


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Amanda G said:
sweet!!! can't wait to see the new rig this weekend Glenn!!

Is that Hall's old chassis??
Yep, that's John's workmanship. John also did a lot of the work on it, pulling drivetrain stuff from the old buggy to put into this one. Glenn & Kurt should do much better this year. :D:D They're getting ready to head out this evening... :beer: Good luck guys... And be careful... :grinpimp:

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