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Had the Alternator go out on me this last Sat. at the Table Mesa Rd. Clean Up- I was VERY fortunate that Bad Karma carries a Spare! The EFI and Fuel pump drain the battery very quickly- the battery was flat within 20 min.

It was a simple repair for all 1986 thru 1989 alternators:

Toyota Part # 27370-35060, HOLDER S/A, $11.37+ tax
(a complete brush holder sub-assembly)

Remove the alternator- I found that it was easier to pull the fresh air intake and top off the air box.

The brush holder is under the dust cover. Remove the 3 nuts that hold it on, loosen the nut on the main copper terminal, the cover should pull straight off. remove the 2 screws that retain the brush holder, R/R it, replace the cover- thats it!

I'm going to the wrecking yard Thru. to get an alternator and another brush holder from Toyota to keep a good spare with me.

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