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Okay, don't flame me too much. I really don't know much yet. Okay, I just changed my alternator and it only had a cable ran from the battery post (on it) and one ran from the lower left hand corner as you are looking at it from behind.
One of my questions is the diagram that came with it has a cable running from "FLD" to the "F" on the regulator, but mine didn't have this attached, is this needed?
Question 2. Would this not being attached cause the alternator not to work/charge the battery?
I am thinking that this cable is needed because there is an end attached to the old alternator but it was cut. The wiring is very horrible, wires just hanging here and there and cut and not taped up (they are now). I am going to try to get a new wiring harness tomorrow to hopefully get this cleaned up.
Oh, just incase, this is on a 83 bronco fullsize. Thanks for any help.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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