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What is the difference between Manchester and Worthington propane tanks?

Found this on E-bay.....


Guy claims it will fit in the same mounts as a steel 40 lb tank. I believe my steel tanks are Manchester according to this.

but I don't see a 40 ( or 43) lb tank listed except for worthington tanks.

Also seems this E-bay tank is 12.5 dia vs the steel tank of 12.16.

Only 10 lbs difference between them, so it may not even be worth it, but I'm also wondering about the 43 lb rating on this E-bay tank vs the nomral rating of 40 lbs (would that make it a true usable 10 gallons vs the 9 gallons most 40lbsers take??)

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Propane is ~4.2lbs/gallon, so the 43 should technically hold the 10 gallons, but the overfill valve may shut it off before it is trully full. The 0.32" diameter difference will be no bid deal, all of the tanks straps that I have seen can be adjusted by just turning the latch to tighten up the allthread adjuster.
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