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How's it going yall,
I'm lookin to get started on a transaxle buggy build and I'll need all the help I can get. But before I get started on explaining the plan, I'm gone let you know how it started.

It all started with a $250 Subaru Legacy that I picked up. It had a blown head gasket and I was able to fix it and get it running within a month.

Then I was left with a dilemma, I already had a Subaru Legacy and I don't need another one, so I bought a VW Bug with the intentions of putting the Subaru engine into it an make it into a Baja Bug. I was excited to get started on that, but my indecision put me in another dilemma.

After almost a year and alittle rationalization, I thought why should I make an off-road buggy but only have 2wd :/, no good. So I put that on hold in search for a pair of axles to pop up.

Then a few days ago some old Jeep axles popped up on Facebook Marketplace at the low low price of FREE.99

Now I have the foundation for a pretty rad buggy. Lets see how it goes 馃榿

More coming soon...

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Subaru engine,okay.
Vw bug baja buggy,okay..
Subaru powered baja bug,..OKAY!!
Solid axles ...??????? Wtf.... You smoke better shit than me thats for sure...
Buy a TJ. Bash it. Sell the spare subby to some tree-hugging hipster fuck, make the bug a proper build.
Or .....i mean...... Good luck.....

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Are you planning on mounting your Subaru engine/yrans sideways and using the transaxle as the transfercase?

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Yeah, Im planning on mounting it sideways. Im still in the planning stage so I haven't gotten anything done yet but Im trying to figure out engine placement and seating position.

Heres what I want to do...
Most likely gone find some tires around 33"
Purchase an Affordable Bender for 1.75" tube along with the tube for the chassis material.
I'm going to have to machine the stub axles from the Subaru transaxle to adapt a plate so I can mount u-joints to them

Plant Wheel Wood Grass Automotive tire

This is so far what I've got, the axles at about 8 feet apart with the transaxle smack in the middle.

I have some questions for my plan,

- What kind of u-joint angles are "healthy" at ride height?
I know it should be as straight as possible but doing so leaves me with fairly low ground clearance.

- Is 8 feet too small/large of a wheel base?
- Should the dana 30 and 35 be able to handle 33" tires?

Also if anyone has some ideas for chassis design, id love to see/hear about some examples. And if Im overlooking anything please let me know.


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Tire size should be fine, lots of jeeps run 33s successfully. 1st gen Toyota axles may be tougher. But harder to find and more $ . Ujoints can take a fair bit of angle..lots on the web about it.... 96" wheel base (8feet) is a tight wheel base .. jeep TJ and YJ are about that ..works ..may get sketchy at high speeds in bumps and whoops...but...... You know,

Design wise ..im having difficulty visualizing where your engine ends up ..offset to one side halfway out the doors? And the transmission rear output? Rubbing against the passenger side door? .. personally . I think using a FWD engine and trans would package easier ..
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