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Another Axle Shave

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got them waiting for my Sammi so i thought id shave em. 1st time doing anything like it so here is how i did it
cleaned up the area i was going to cut with wire wheel and marked area

next cut with a cutting wheel on a grinder

next i cut out cardboard and made template to fit over hole (cardboard and scissors which i put a foil tape over to keep there fold the same and not flaten)
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I did this shave with a 410s and left a heavy 1/4" of clearance between the ring gear and the case.

The only problem i had with this was i cut into the retaing clip for the baffle inside near the 3rd on one side.
My question is do you need to keep these or can i throw away with out any worries??
from what i hear is you need it to keep the oil in diff from sloshing from one side to the next
I have done a few toy diffs without the baffles with no problems...
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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