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Another Axle Shave

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got them waiting for my Sammi so i thought id shave em. 1st time doing anything like it so here is how i did it
cleaned up the area i was going to cut with wire wheel and marked area

next cut with a cutting wheel on a grinder

next i cut out cardboard and made template to fit over hole (cardboard and scissors which i put a foil tape over to keep there fold the same and not flaten)
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Here they are on the diff... not the best fit but i can add and take some away as long as i make them alittle fat

I then took the templated and laid them flat on 1/4" steel and traced out the design. Cut then bent to match the pattern i dont have the tools best for this job so used 3 jig saw blades and 1 grinding wheel. as i finished one i taped it down so not to move while i grinded the next to fit perfectly
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when fit was perfect and i was sure third would not hit anything. Welded it up

grinded area smooth and made sure all welds were strong and then welded inside and cleaned it out to make sure all was clean and free of any thing that could float around and damage anything

so measuring the b4 and after i gained 3/4" (from stock to shaved and turned up) i am happy with it and its much more smooth underneath i will add a plate to back and wrap it from where the plate ends to top of diff and maybe a guard for the drain plug??
now i need to figure out how to get the drain plug out
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the clearance inside and a small problem/?

I did this shave with a 410s and left a heavy 1/4" of clearance between the ring gear and the case.

The only problem i had with this was i cut into the retaing clip for the baffle inside near the 3rd on one side.
My question is do you need to keep these or can i throw away with out any worries??
from what i hear is you need it to keep the oil in diff from sloshing from one side to the next
ooh well.. I welded the clip in for the baffles anyway.
tried to hammer a socket on the oil fill plug but that didnt work at all. it was a try atleast.. i guess EZout is the way to go
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