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bought a pair of rear quarter panels off AMMUSCLE on ebay. yeah, i know, ebay.
the panels were clearly advertised as fitting fsj wagoneers from 1962-1991. well, they don't. didn't even come close to fitting my 1966. fuel fill hole was off 5" and the panel covered the wrap-around rear lights.
complained through paypal and they gave me the return codes and had me ship them back to Sherman & Assoc. in Washington, Mi. which is their supplier.
all they refunded me was my original price and shipping i paid. they did not refund the $124 it cost me for the return.
i called Sherman & Assoc. directly and explained it to them and they admitted the fitment information was from them. they refused to help at all. they wouldn't contact the vendor on my behalf, nor would they take any responsibility for their fitment error.
so i'm out $124. just letting you all know to be very careful if you choose to buy from either of these outfits.
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