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So this past weekend me and 2 of my buddies decided to try and run the Kiamichi trail from Clayton Ok, all the way to our camping spot just southeast of Mena. Didnt quite make the whole trail due to some setbacks.

There are waaaaaaayyyyy too many pix to post over here. Its already posted on another forum, so Ill just link to there.


Just a note, I could probably take 3 55gal trash barrels along next time, and STILL not be able to pick up all of the beer cans trashed along the trail. It was really pathetic! :shaking: Looks like most were left by locals/hunters that use that trail frequently. I think next time Ill drag a small trailer with me just to pick up cans. I bet it would pay for my gas!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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