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First off, girl friend named my Jeep Lola because I have been spending more of the last 2 years with it than her. So she named it along the lines of a striper.. :laughing:

98 TJ
106" Wheelbase
86" Outside of tires
78.5" tall (4" comp/10 droop)

-2004 5.3 w/ 224/224 .550/.550 112LSA +4 degrees cam
-Car intake
-Throttle body spacer to clear the water pump neck.
-31 or 32 lb injectors
-Jimsperformance Wiring harness, AWESOME guy, great to deal with.!
-2004 4L60E mostly stock with a cooler w/fan combo to keep it in check.
-Altas 2 3.8:1
-Afco 22x26 alum. rad with pusher electric fan

-79 Ford front
-35 spline inners/outers from CM Performance Machine.
-CM Performance Machine Drive slugs
-Detroit Locker with 5.13 gears
-Solid axle diff cover

-GM 14 rear
-Detroit locker with 5.13 gears
-CM Performance Machine truss w/ Upper link mounts
-CM Performance Diff shave w/ Diff Cover

-2.5"x14" SAW Air shocks on each corner w/ 100cc's extra oil.
-4 link brackets from Polyperformance front and rear.
-Dual triangulation 4 links front and rear w/ 1.25" JJ

-42" x 16.5" Bias Iroks
-H1 Wheels with CM Performance Rock Rings/ Pressed Centeres

-PRP Comp Pro High Backs
-RJS 5 point HOT Pink harness... Yes they are Hot PINK.....! :flipoff2:
-Autometer Phantom 2 gauges
-Art-carr Shifter
-Cage with my design bent by a local shop
-RCI 20 gal tank, corvette reg, (Dont remember pump specs will find out), 5 Walbro pick ups (each corner, center)

Misc things:
-Line lock for cutting brakes at each rear brake (for when ARB goes in)
-2 peice front drive shaft with 1350 joints
-Exhaust is a 2.5 from headers with 3" merge than into a 3" summit racing straight muffler untill I change it to a magnaflow
-Direct fit Edlebrock ceramic coated headers.
-PSC full hydro steering
-2300 lb rear suck down winch

To do still:
-Add hood louver
-Some rocker protection
-Some paint
-Fix small vacuum leak

Pics Now:

35" tires, Full traction 6" long arm, Super 30/35 :D


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really like the sport cage! it looks like those pipes were placed there specifiacally to eat up your wheelbase lol... nice job though

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He is a update.

I added a hood louver to help get some of the underhood ambient heat out.. Seems to work a little bit.

I had to move the steering resivoir. It was getting so hot that I was unable to touch the cap. So hopefully this location will work better. I am also changing my cooler to a larger tube/fin style from my 7x12" tube/fin.

Here are some pictures of me testing it at another local park.


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This is an awesome build. Def like the work man. The cast weld fail was something I think a lot of people have learned the hard way. Pre-heat, post heat, nickel rods, etc.. are the proper way to do it and even then the nature of that weld and direction of loading still were far from ideal. But awesome build. I am also digging the M37 sitting in the driveway too.

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Yeah when I was welding I did the pre/post heat but then only used MIG with std. Solid wire.. Didn't know to use the nickel stuff.. BUT you are right, alot of people learn the hard way and sometimes harder than others.. I was lucky and did break my air shocks or front drive shaft.

The M37 is my dad's. He restores Mil. trucks. We also have a 56M135 and this 53M38A1

Here is a picture that was taken of me when I was driving it this past summer on the TMC 2009 that my dad setup/lead.
He had fun driving a willys across the US.! ( I only got the chance to drive 2 days.)

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Awesome build Ben. Glad to see it on the trails again, it seems like it's been a long time for this build, but worth it. Looks like a great trip to Harlan.
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