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So I'm finally gonna start tearing into the jeep and I'm wondering if I can offset my cost by selling some of the stock parts.
It's a stock 1979 CJ5 with the 258 Inline 6, a three speed manual trans (T150?), transfer case (D20?), Dana 30 front and Model 20 rear axles.
It's been my Dad's hunting jeep for the last decade and still runs good. He's just tired of the relentless cost of fixing the damn thing (brakes, smog stuff, etc.) and wants to buy a newer jeep.
It also has newer 15x7 white wagon wheels with crap tires and a soft top in decent shape that I'm tempted to sell but know I should keep.
Is anybody going to take this stuff off my hands or am I going to have to take it to the dump?
Thanks in advance,
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