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Any good Trails around Bridgeport, CA

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I am going to Bridgeport this summer and I am looking for some good trails. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks for the input.
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If you are looking for hardcore stuff.... no.

Scenic, yes.
The Sweetwater Mtn range, and the Bodie Hills.

Theres some good guidebooks and maps out there. Look for Roger Mitchell's "High Sierra SUV Trails". There's several volumes, one covers that area. Also, Tony Huegel has a book that has info on the area.
If you head down towards Conway Summit, theres a small dirt road that heads off the beginning of the Virginia Lakes road. This winds up towards Copper Mtn and has good camping and views of Mono Lake. Theres also the site of Dunderberg in the area.

If you dont mind heading an hour south or so, theres a few trails around Mammoth and Toms Place, but still nothing a stock 4x4 cant handle.

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Not a trail, but nice dirt road cruise up to Green Creek campground. Just a little SW of Bridgeport, in a beautiful valley. You can hike to the NE corner of Yosemite Natl. Park from there, 3 miles that seem straight up.

Used to be able to follow the road in the valley north of that (Cameron Valley maybe?) pretty far west where it got kinda trail-like, at least too much for a 4 door dually!

LOTS of great roads for just cruising around on the East Slope.
Bridgeport Area....

There are some gourgeous area to explore in that area. Lots of good fishing too! Spent many years as a kid exploring with my Dad. Have fun!
Miles of them

This area is very scenic,miles of dirt in all directions. I've been enjoying this area for years and still find cool stuff every trip
don't foget your sunblock though!
hwy 89 to barney riley to hot springs then back out bryant creek to leviathon mine road. the best wheelin.
hwy 395 to bircham flat rd to lobdell lake all the way to hwy 338. not much wheelin but awsome trip. might be better to start in wellington (338) then bircham/395 is only 15 minutes from bridgeport. I would also check out sportsmen's beach on the east walker river, bring your poles it is good fishin and there is a hot springs it is hard to find but it is there.
Many trails in the Sweetwater Range to the North of Bridgeport. Take hwy 182 towards Nevada and Sweetwaters will be on your left. Go to the Sweetwater Ranch (only major ranch on your left as northbound) and take the county road to the left that goes by the ranch buildings.
All kinds of mining history up in there and can go all the way thru and come out on 395 along the Walker river. Get a map in Bridgeport and enjoy!

Also get directions to Buckhorn hot springs area to the West of Bridgeport.
No wheeling, but beautiful.

Green Creek area South of bridgeport will take you up into Sierra, some moderate wheeling up there.
yeah, we have some hard core trails within 30 min of bridgeport. Are you going to be at mwtc? PM me when your in the area, we'll do some wheeling
Just south of town in Bridgeport, on a road east from the power station, there's Travertine Hot Springs, which I like to call "Big Yoni" for obvious reasons:

Several more in the area too, if you go huntin' for 'em.

Not sure how far you want to go to wheel, but there's some nice long routes you can take all the way to Vegas from just south of there.

At Olancha, you head east and then turn into Eureka Dunes. At the far end of the dunes, there's the Soldier Pass trail that takes you to Saline Valley, home of the only clothing-optional National Park. There's 3 developed hot springs there with hippies all around. From there, you can take the Lippincott trail out to Death Valley and then up into the Panamints and out to Vegas.

I do this trip every other year or so, when I head to Vegas for a convention in April.
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Also get directions to Buckhorn hot springs area to the West of Bridgeport.
No wheeling, but beautiful.
I have been Googling Buckhorn Hot Springs and haven't gotten much in the way of directions, except for some in Idaho, and a few youtube videos, but that doesn't show me how to get there...Local knowledge only??? :)

We are heading up to Walker in October to close out the Trout season, but I am taking a group that aren't avid fisherpeople. So we have some backcountry wheeling planned, a trip to Bodie, a Casino night @ Topaz...a hot springs trip would be a nice addition...

We will check out Travertine but I would like to see this Buckhorn as well!
I have been Googling Buckhorn Hot Springs and haven't gotten much in the way of directions...
Try "Buckeye". ;)

Sure enough, right there on Yelp, directions and all....! Thank you, I didn't want to go all the way to Idaho!
Try "Buckeye". ;)

Ooops, my bad, thanks for straightening it out.
Be sure to check out Wheeler Ridge/Mt. Paterson. Great trail - nothing tough, but truly epic scenery on top of Paterson.
Buckeye and Travertine are the two I know of. Both are easy to get to, except Buckeye once there can be a bit of a hike down, but the scenery is amazing. Nothing super serious road wise, check out Bodie and follow the roads to the left of Bodie for a scenic drive that offers a small taste of four wheeling. Here are some photos I took of Travertine back this September.

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