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Here's a copy and paste from my list, mines on one tons/full hyrdo but you get the picture. My plan was to get a front to back list with socket wrench sizes and torques ect. but after doing this a million times I have the whole routine down. Usually takes 20-25 minutes and keeps me out of the dirt

Torque list:
Hydro fittings
Hydro heim jam nuts
*Steering arms
*Lower trunions
Tie rod ends
*U bolts front and back
Drive shafts yoke
Drive shaft flange
t-case crossmember mount
t-case flex mount
*Diff covers
Rear axle shafts
Transfer case to transmission
Adapter plate t-case

brake fluid
steering fluid
clutch fluid
radiator fluid
diff fluid 1-gal frnt 1.5gal rear Gl5 80-90
trans fluid
t-case fluid 3-quarts Gl5 80-90

check heims for play
check drive lines for slop
check wheel bearings for play
air up tires crawler loading
check brake pads

grease ctms
grease king pins
drive shafts
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