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Already searched up the Google (4crawler site) and the FAQ, got info but not exactly what I'm looking for...

I have been searching around for a simple checklist of Toyota torque specs and what all to check for before a ride. I am putting this on a excel sheet and printing a copy for the toolbox and glove box. Pass some out to some buddys so they can be as anal as me :flipoff2:

So far I have
Beadlock Rings
High Steer Arms
Hub Body
Hub Face
10/120inch pds​
Wheel Spacer

Motor Mounts
Leaf Springs
and of course, the what did I Fuck with last:homer:

Anything else common that can work its way out when wheeling?

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Here's a copy and paste from my list, mines on one tons/full hyrdo but you get the picture. My plan was to get a front to back list with socket wrench sizes and torques ect. but after doing this a million times I have the whole routine down. Usually takes 20-25 minutes and keeps me out of the dirt

Torque list:
Hydro fittings
Hydro heim jam nuts
*Steering arms
*Lower trunions
Tie rod ends
*U bolts front and back
Drive shafts yoke
Drive shaft flange
t-case crossmember mount
t-case flex mount
*Diff covers
Rear axle shafts
Transfer case to transmission
Adapter plate t-case

brake fluid
steering fluid
clutch fluid
radiator fluid
diff fluid 1-gal frnt 1.5gal rear Gl5 80-90
trans fluid
t-case fluid 3-quarts Gl5 80-90

check heims for play
check drive lines for slop
check wheel bearings for play
air up tires crawler loading
check brake pads

grease ctms
grease king pins
drive shafts
That is what's up! Thank you! If you don't mind, I'd like to steal sone of that list and add it to the OP so that future clickers and newbs can find it easily and print from one post.

And these checklist are made for the garage, before a weekend riding.
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