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CJ Lagos said:
I also plan on building a 406 Chevy motor soon. Block is ready to go. I plan on using AFR alum heads, forged pistons, forged connecting rods and a new cast crank. Im going with either a 236/242 or 248/254 duration @ .050". Lift will be around .575" I have a real good engine program on the computer that is accurate +/- 5% of the engine power. I plan on being at 500hp and 500ft/lbs. I'm trying to get the compression up above 10.0:1 but with off the shelf pistons I might be stuck at around 9.5:1 with the 68cc heads I want to use.

Right now I'm leaning towards the Holley Projection with the 900cfm carb...good thread here.

Im thinking about running a Chevy 406, I was reading a article in the June Issue of Super Chevy Magazine.

They have it setup with TPI from Arizona Speed & Marine. Accel ECU, 32lb injects. Streetable Cam 236/243 duration @.050" Lift is 0.552" 416HP @ 5,000rpms / 492ft-lbs TQ @ 3000rpms

Pretty damn impressive torque not many BB can put out that kind of torque at 3,000 RPMs.
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