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Anyone been snagged by an exco

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just wondering if anyone has been snagged or hooked up by an exterior roll cage and stopped them from making it to the top.

Any pics:D
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not if you build it right

I wouldn't consider this a drawback to an exocage, if done properly. I found that on tree-lined trails in the midwest that I had much less surface area to snag on an obstacle with a tube, compared to a buckling body panel. If you keep everything tight to the body it shouldn't be much of a factor. I'm also imagining some sort of front end/hood/fender bars when I say this. I ran mine into the front bumper and along the fender to push off of obstacles and to help keep from snagging the cage on the A pillar equivilant. There are some pics of my old exocaged '85 at:


I tucked the B pillar/middle hoop behind the cab on my full bodied Xtracab. I've since sold that truck and built a buggy. A well-conceived exocab shouldn't be any more prone to snagging than a buggy, right?
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how bout reading your other post in general cross poster :flipoff2:
I have seen a stump caught in one. It stopped the rig from reaching the bottom. I think it came in pretty handy. Granted, he could have gotten down much smoother on the tires vs. the roof.
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