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First off the truck is a 1st gen s-10 pickup

Wondering if anyone here has tried to fab a dash out of sheet metal for their rigs. I'd like to build one since none of my factory gauges are hooked up anymore and I only use the heater controls and the headlight switch on the dash. Becides the turn signal and the wiper switch on the steering column all the rest of the wiring is custom (and is a mess as a matter of fact right now).
I've been toying with the idea of doing this for a while now but am not too sure of how hard it will be to do. I'm pritty sure that I'll have to fab a custom bracket for the steering column to the roll cage at the front and to the firewall since the plate that used to hold the column to the dash will not longer be able to be used. The other prob that I have is the fact that my heater controls are mechanical and not vaccuum (which would have made things much easier) So I'm pritty sure that I'm going to have to fab the new dash so that the heater controls are in about the same spot as before right?
Would like to hear from anyone that has tried this before so I fully know what I'm getting myself into. Also for the record the dash DOES have to come out for me to install the new roll cage.
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