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First off, I have a '85 K5, 6.5 diesel, TH400, 14 bolt, D60, 40" Mud Grapplers on h2 rims(in my sig).

I have done a 52" swap for the front leaves and I'm running 94-01 Dodge 1500 rear springs in the rear. The truck is 50/50 street and trail use. I built it with the Ultimate Adventure in mind down the road.

The stock 52's are too soft up front for street and trail use. It's driveable but barely. It flexes very well on the trail but they don't support the truck well off camber and seem like they're having a hard time controlling the weight of the D60 and 40" tires.

I don't want any more lift than what the 52" swap gives me which is about 4". I went to General Springs website and they have these 52" (stock k5 rear) springs in 5 and 6 leaf packs. Right now I have a 3 leaf and they are basically flat with the weight of the truck on them. I will also be adding a tube bumper and winch sometime in the near future. Their prices are pretty reasonable for brand new springs but wanted to know if anyone had any experience using this company's springs?

I know some aftermarket suspension lift companies have are known for good riding springs and some are known for a hard ride and minimal flex(ie. tuff country vs. rough country) but haven't been able to find much on ride quality of General Springs leaf springs.

Feedback from personal experience would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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